Barrie Rose

Barrie Rose



The co-founder of Habitats Hawaii, Barrie Rose is a multifaceted entrepreneur, passionate about sustainability, design, community-building, and education. Enchanted with tiny architecture since her youth, Habitats Hawaii is a labor of love for her. 

A resident of the Big Island for more than three decades, Rose is dedicated to creatively serving the greater island community. In addition to helping design beautiful tiny homes for Habitats Hawaii, she offers community a place to learn and grow through the varied activities hosted in the Waimea Events Salon.  This is all done under the umbrella of the very unique   historic Waimea Guest House,  a very popular vacation rental and residential retreat center. Barrie has worked in real estate for almost two decades and is presently with MacArthur Sotheby's International Hawaii. She is committed to assisting her clients find home on the island with her extensive knowledge of Big Island eco-climates and communities.  

Johanna Tilbury

Johanna Tilbury



Johanna, the other co-founder of Habitats Hawaii, is the essential energy leading the charge as she guides her crew daily and orchestrates as a fine maestro would, a vast symphony of moving parts involved to generate  multiple projects which she runs simultaneously all over the island!  Johanna is a most talented and capable woman, actively licensed as a building contractor for 30+ years while also efficiently over-seeing the extensive operations of the historic Waimea Guest House.

Johanna thoroughly enjoys expressing her immense talents in the sustainable building arena, under her business Hui Kamana Builders who also build other creative off grid projects. 

A capable and productive builder, Johanna, is also committed to offering her boundless support for a sustainable island community through passionate community support. 



Bill Setterfield




Bill is the LEAD carpenter for not only Habitats Hawaii but for all of the Hui Kamana Builder's projects.  Bill is an amazingly talented and fastidious craftsman dedicated to perfection in the execution of each of our homes be they conventional or tiny.  He is extremely detail oriented and multi-faceted with skills in all phases of construction from framing to plumbing to electrical wiring, finish work, and even roofing.  He is also involved to the very end assisting in the delivery and set up for everyone's tiny home when all is said and done.  He can and does every phase of building which supports his wonderful wife and daughter.  


Tom Thompson




Tom is also a long time Big Island resident who has merged his cabinetry building talents with Habitats Hawaii.  He has found a wonderful venue for his creative endeavors as he creates lovely custom cabinetry incorporating re-claimed woods from the island.  He is a JOY to work with and a very multi-talented individual!





JC is our newest member of the Habitats Hawaii team.  He is recently married to a lovely woman from Germany and they are making the Big Island their home.  J.C. is also a very fastidious man who leads the painting, caulking and pays extremely good attention to details.  He is methodical, patient, and predictably accurate in his work.  We are certainly proud to have him on our team as well!