The Bonzai is a design which has taken into consideration many of the finest features we have discovered and modified those which have been appreciated by our customers.

The ladder to a loft was limited to a narrow audience so we came up with a great solution for this. The Bonzai has a great little stairway which utilizes the area beneath the stairs for valuable storage. It even allowed for a nice large refrigerator instead of the smaller under- the-counter model.  

The Bonzai also boasts a full on propane stove with an oven in the ample sized kitchen. There is a furo (small bathtub) in the inside bathroom and an outdoor shower for daytime use.

Last but not least, the Bonzai can sleep up to 5 people! There is a single bench/bed in the kitchen, a window bump out bed with a double punee’ downstairs. The main bedroom boasts a queen bed in the gorgeous loft with windows surrounding it to enhance the spacious feeling!" 

 All in all the Bonzai is quite possibly our best design yet! The new owners are quite delighted and we are quite impressed with the results of our collaboration.