Hale Maluhia

The Hale Maluhia—Hawaiian for "House of Peace"—is a custom design for a beloved client, who opted to use recycled materials, including siding made from recycled plastic carpeting.  This home will exist forever!

The interior features a lifted sleeping area, a custom-designed pop-out bed that doubles as a comfy punee' where you can lounge and read books from the clever bookshelf housed in the cozy windowed nook.  Underneath this bed are full sized custom cabinets which extended her kitchen with a hidden retractable counter top.  The interior of the dining area is finished with American Clay, a non-toxic, environmentally-friendly plaster that offers superior colors and texture.  

Just steps away from the outdoor covered lanai there is an enclosed outdoor toilet room (Lua).  Hale Maluhia also features an outdoor shower that is surrounded by a beautifully landscaped garden area at the end of the lanai and is easily accessed by a couple of steps down to the shower.

Situated at a comfortable 1,200 foot elevation on the slope of Mauna Loa, this habitat is parked up next to a large covered lanai, which effectively more than doubled the interior living space.   It is off-grid with solar and water catchment on a 16 acre sustainable farm in Kona.