Hele mai

The adorable little Hele Mai was designed by Melissa Rouse, Barrie Rose’s daughter back in 2008.  It measures 12 ft long x 9 ft wide and has a whimsical elevated punee’ double bed for both sleeping and lounging. There is a large storage area underneath the punee with a retractable dining table.  The access to the punee' doubles as easy steps up as well as seating at the dining table.

There is a very functional kitchen area with a deep sink, an apartment sized refrigerator and double counter top propane stove.  The cabinets underneath and the recessed shelving in the wall offer additional storage along with the hidden deep storage behind the seating.  There is a double wide closet for hanging clothes with drawers underneath.  Next to the closet is a little desk where a composting toilet can be stored underneath and then set up outside in the garden surrounded by bamboo and hibiscus bushes.  

The shower is attached to the exterior of the house for easy access and easily surrounded by bamboo for added privacy.  The rounded roof was inspired by the charming style of little gypsy wagons from long ago in Europe.