The Hale Maluhia is a custom design by one of our favorite clients! She opted to use as "green" of products that she could so she chose an exterior product that is made of re-cycled plastic carpeting for instance... Indoors there is a wonderful product called American Clay, a natural, environmentally friendly way to finish any interior. Non-toxic and made in the USA, these plasters offer superior color and texture which enhance the appeal of the indoor experience. 

In the Hale Maluhia (House of Peace) we designed a special "pop out bed" that offers easy and comfortable access for those who don't care for the loft sleeping area. This doubles as a comfy punee' (couch) during the day where you can lounge and read books from the clever book shelf that is built within this cozy windowed nook.

This habitat is "parked" next to a large covered lanai (porch) which doubles the living space which is of course indoor / outdoor at a comfortable 1,800 ft elevation on the slope of Mauna Loa. The bathroom is outdoors in an enclosed area only steps away from the main living area. The shower is a lovely outdoor beautifully landscaped area at the end of the lanai and structure accessed by a couple of steps into the garden.

The Hale Maluhia is currently placed in a totally off grid location in up-country Kona on the Big Island where she is powered entirely by solar and all water is catchment so the happy owner pays no mortgage and has no utility bills. She is loving life and now has time and money to focus on what really matters!