All of us have a vision of what could be. Habitats Hawaii is here to help you transform your living vision into reality! Our Habitats on Wheels give you the flexibility to plant the seed, blending indoors and outdoors wherever you choose. With a negligible carbon footprint, these models are built to satisfy all basic necessities in a self-contained, functional living space. And let’s not forget the outdoor dimension—arbors, plants, stones and water are just a few ways to harmonize your Habitat with its natural environment.

Each individual feature of our Habitats is tailored to the idea of living lightly on the earth. All models are solar-ready and wired for 110 volts, with metal-roof gutters to capture rain water. The foundation’s steel chassis with wheels allows you to move this home to beautiful surroundings, which you can then take in from an existing platform or deck. And why not enhance your chosen surroundings with sustainable landscaping? Fruits, vegetables, and aquaponic systems represent only a few of the imaginable additions for making your piece of earth ever more vital.

We invite you to explore different Habitat models in the links to the left. 

Enjoy the journey!

Hele Mai
As you can see with the whimsical Hele Mai, different roof structures are also possible and this one being our smallest model (12' x 8.5') the bathroom (composting toilet) is outside and landscaped for privacy. The shower is also outside with a bamboo privacy screen to help you feel "held".  

There are a multitude of ways to blend the indoors with outdoor living space limited only by your imagination